Waterproofing solutions for a variety of applications

Butech offers high-quality waterproofing solutions for a variety of applications, including swimming pool, shower tray waterproofing and ceramic floor protection. With Butech waterproofing products, you can ensure effective protection against water seepage and guarantee the durability of your surfaces.

For swimming pool waterproofing, Butech offers waterproofing mortar that is waterproof under positive and negative pressures. These waterproofing products ensure that your pool remains leak-free and protected against the corrosive effects of water.

In the case of shower trays, Butech provides waterproofing solutions that ensure a solid, water-resistant base, preventing seepage and moisture problems in your bathroom as well as providing linear and square drains and grates.

In addition, Butech offers products for the waterproofing and protection of substrates, ensuring a moisture-resistant surface and protecting your structures from possible water damage.

With Butech’s waterproofing systems, which are compatible with ceramic tiles and are placed just behind the tiles, you can rely on high quality and durable solutions to keep your surfaces protected and free from moisture-related problems.