Grouting materials

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Materials for grouting ceramic tiles

Butech offers a wide range of materials for grouting ceramic tiles, guaranteeing flawless and long-lasting results. Butech’s cement-based grouts are the perfect choice for achieving a uniform and resistant appearance. These materials provide an excellent bond to ceramic tiles, ensuring a surface that is resistant to moisture and wear.

If you’re looking for a more advanced option, Butech’s epoxy grouts are ideal. These grouting materials offer superior and unalterable resistance over time, making them especially suitable for areas with high humidity or subject to heavy use.

To further enhance the properties of cement-based joints, Butech offers additives that help improve the flexibility, waterproofness and setting time of the joints.

Finally, Butech’s elastic sealants are ideal for filling movement joints. These sealants provide a durable barrier against moisture and external agents while maintaining the aesthetics and strength of movement joints.

With Butech grouting materials, you can achieve professional-quality results and ensure a long-lasting, aesthetically appealing ceramic surface.