Bathroom and terrace drain

Butech bathroom and terrace drains are the ideal solution to ensure effective drainage and prevent water build-up problems. They are designed to provide a safe, moisture-free and completely dry environment.

Our range of drains includes versatile options:

Bath drains: Ideal for shower trays with horizontal or vertical outlets, these drains provide a simple and effective solution for waterproofing and drainage indoors.

Terrace drains: Specifically designed for terraces and outdoor flooring, these drains can handle large volumes of water, preventing flooding and keeping the surface dry and walkable.

Concept XPS shower tray drains: Available with both vertical and horizontal outlets, these drains are a versatile and reliable choice.

Shower deck system shower tray drains: They offer an invisible and aesthetically appealing drainage solution. They blend discreetly into the shower tray, creating a sleek, minimalist appearance.