Cleaning products

Discover our range of specialized cleaning products from Butech

Discover our range of specialized cleaning products from Butech, designed for the care and maintenance of surfaces. Our selection includes Acid Net, Basic Gel, Epotech Cleaner, Non-Slip Tile and Porce-Clean, high quality products that offer effective solutions for your needs.

With Acid Net, you can remove tough stains and cement deposits on ceramic tile and stone. Basic Gel is a powerful descaler that removes stubborn dirt and stains. Epotech Cleaner is perfect for cleaning epoxy grout debris on ceramic tile.

Don’t forget to try Non-Slip Tile, an anti-slip treatment for ceramic tile that increases slip resistance in wet areas, and Porce-Clean, a specialized cleaner for porcelain stoneware.

At Butech, we are committed to providing you with quality cleaning products to keep your surfaces spotless. Take care of your coverings with our specialized solutions and enjoy clean and shiny surfaces.