Adhesives for tile installation

Butech adhesives are the perfect choice for natural stone, mosaics, vinyl flooring and even wallpaper, offering high quality solutions and exceptional performance.
With a wide range of options, Butech offers cement-based adhesives, reactive resin adhesives and water-based adhesives to suit a variety of installation needs.

Butech’s cement-based adhesives are ideal for interior and exterior applications, providing excellent bonding and strength. Their specialized formulation ensures a durable bond between ceramic tiles and the substrate.

On the other hand, Butech’s reactive resin adhesives offer exceptional bonding in difficult conditions, such as wet surfaces or those subjected to temperature changes. These adhesives are ideal for projects that require superior strength and long-lasting installation.

If you prefer a greener option, Butech also offers adhesives that meet sustainability standards. These adhesives ensure a safe, quality installation without compromising performance.

In addition, Butech provides adhesive additives to further improve adhesive properties such as flexibility, waterproofing or setting time.

With Butech adhesives, you can count on guaranteed, state-of-the-art solutions for a long-lasting, quality ceramic tile installation.